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When you are ready to build a custom home, Todd Kraybill Construction will be there every step of the way.  We realize building is as much about service as it is construction.  We will guide you throughout the entire building process and will keep you informed with updates and important information along the way.  We use an online project management system that will help you stay organized with 24/7 access to selections, change orders, photos, conversations and more.  Everything about your home can be found in one place with access from your computer, tablet, or smart phone.  

  • Initial discovery meeting – Our goal in our initial meeting is to understand your vision.  We will discuss budget, size, style, location, timeline, etc...  If you currently own land or are thinking of purchasing a lot, we will be happy to visit the location and discuss buildability of the land with you.  

  • Create plan – Based on our preliminary discussions, we will work with you to create your floor plan.   We have several designs to choose from or can assist in the design of a custom plan.

  • Bidding and estimating – Once the plans are complete, we move to our bidding and estimating phase.  At this point, we will prepare a Pre-Construction Services Agreement.  This agreement will outline our services which includes preparation of the project cost estimate, preliminary construction specifications, and preliminary schedule.  The non-refundable fee for these services will be $1.00/sf, which will be applied to the construction costs should you move to a construction agreement with us.  This process takes 1-3 weeks to complete.  

  • Construction agreement - Based on the complexity of the build, the contact can either be a fixed price or cost plus a pre-determined builder fee.  Progress payments are made at various intervals during construction.  

  • Secure construction financing (if applicable) – Once the contract is signed, you will work with your lender to secure construction financing.  This process takes approximately 4-6 weeks. 

  • Pre-construction meeting – We will meet prior to construction to review the construction process and to make selections and decisions needed to start construction.

  • Construction begins - Construction time on your home depends on several factors including size, complexity, customization, labor, materials, and weather.  Once construction has started, most homes take 7-10 months to complete.  We will have several pre-determined site visits such as electrical and trim walk-throughs.  You are welcome to visit the site at any time. 

  • Interior finish selections - At approximately the framing stage of your home, you will begin your interior finish selections.  You will visit some of our vendor’s showrooms such as lighting and appliances.  Our office is complete with a selection room that showcases many of the sample items available to you.

  • Orientation & walk-though – Once construction is complete, we will “walk through” your home and acquaint you with its features and instruct you on the operation of various systems and components.  We will explain your responsibilities for maintenance and upkeep, as well as our warranty coverage and procedures. 

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